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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kick Off

Start a blog really take me soooooo long.. At last i have the motivation to start one today :-)
Everytime when i have the free times, alwiz think of doing something that is meaningful, pay back from the hardwork.. but now this one I should said memorable.

There are many reasons why i started this blog. Amongst the many reasons are:

-I don’t like to recall and think and think it again from the past what i did. Blogging with definitely help me to job down the path of my life..what i have did..i think one day i'll be surprise if i have successfully blogging for 1 yr with all acticle, sharing, notes, comments i have made here..

-Jealousy of reading too many other ppl blogs.. even a 16 yr old kid..how come people can simply express their lives, experiences, ups and downs away just like that and be ready to publish to the whole world to read?What am i afraid of? Afraid of revealing my inner and weaker self to the world?

-Everyone's doing it. Looks so fun :-P
If i dont do it, i'm soooooo outdated.

That's all for now guys,

Happy Reading :0)

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