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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lumut, where's Gateway cross over to Pulau Pangkor

The journey to Pangkor was fun.. Stop by Ipoh to have lunch

Surrounding Lumit where we able to catch some interesting snap shoot thanks to Augustine :-)

Yeah, the welcome to Pangkor Island sign board. Strange but true, we’re still at Lumut jetty and they’re already expecting us to go there with this mini map hung right in the middle of the waiting area ~~

Lumut which is the gateway to Pangkor Island by ferry services such as Duta Pangkor, Mesra Feri and Pan Silver. The cost is RM10 to and fro. The best service is done by Mesra Ferry. With it's upper deck from where you can shoot your photos and it's low noise motors (the Mesra ferry has two instead of the other companies who have only one motor) the Mesra ferry is a good choice for us. Ofcourse you may bring your car over, but we dont. Just park in Lumut carpark area for 2 days :-)

This are the Duta Pangkor Feri.. see how crowed it was!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Heard about Queensbay? if no watchout..It will be the biggest shopping mall in Penang Island by end of the yr..But do you heard about Kingsbay? It was just next to Queensbay Head Office.

Kingsbay 京灣 is a newly opened Chinese restaurant at Bayan Bay shop lot, area where is now called Queensbay. They served home cooked Chinese food, quite good. That area start to booming for food and hawker industry from the boost of Quessbay Mall. The biggest department store inside of this mall will be Jusco.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BJ Tutti Frutti

Rated: ****

Last Friday went to Tutti Frutti Cafe for lunch. At 1st wanna take Japanese food next door but just becoz we saw the privilege of using MBF credit card. :-)

Wait soooo long for our set lunch to arrive. Call the waitress twice to come over (becoz our mushroom soup ot yet arrive) compare to other table that already got their soup. She respond to us..coming coming..In her mind i think she taught we are chasing for the set to serve quickly -_-" At least have been waited 1hr for the food to arrive.

The honeydrew sherbet was quite nice..

Let me introduce the food we took..

i was ordering a drunken chicken rice in the beginning, but end up they come with the noddle.
They notice of their mistake but i dun request for chance anymore..donno need to wait how long again..For the lady, she order a Cafe De Tutti Spaghetti. It was very delicious with the cheese top up on top. You may request to have double cheese. But..of course u need to pay extra la..nothing is free in this world rit?It was out from the oven baked..Cheesy and creammy..Yummy ^^

Which 1 u prefer?Both also nice to be honest

At the end when I gotta make the payment with MBF Card..I realise the bil is without any discount..WTF@##$%$%&* Ask the cashier what that means on the big banner means by MBF Card member entire for 15% discount for dinning in Tutti Frutti? That fellow said only for A La Carte Menu..Dam...In my mind i tell myself i will turn up 2nd round with ONLY order A La Carte.

Monday, October 09, 2006

WW40 Ending with ROB-B-HOOD

Movie of the year!!Full of laughter and action from the cute baby.

Rated: *****

The longest and hardest queue to get this watched in cinema for Rob-B-Hood (寶貝計劃).
The smartest and cutiest BB Matthew Medvedev. At 1st i taught is a chinese BB..
And the 1st time Jacky Chan act as a bad character in the movie.
Guest how difficult to get this ticket? At 1st we plan to watch it Weds night. Have ring up my bro to get 2 ticket for me especially couple seat if available..By the time he reach there is only 2pm with 9.30pm ticket to buy..Unfortunately, only left the 1st row..:-( No choice lo..Next night we went there 30min earlier just hope to get the reserve ticket haven't collected but in the end after long queue from 4 rows. SOLD OUT..Damn...No choice, have to purchase the ticket now to watch it Sat..Will not miss the chance this round to watch with twin seat.

"Rob-B-Hood" is about three professional thieves who take on their toughest assignment to date - to kidnap a HK$30 million baby for a group of gangsters who claim that the baby belongs to them. However, one thing leads to another and the trio find themselves facing a moral dilemma. The little hostage has managed to warm his kidnappers' hearts, forcing them to choose between the ransom and their conscience.

Best quote from the movie: 'I’m from brokeback mountain'- Daniel Wu(hahaha) Special Guest Apperance for Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu.. I wonder a so good seller movie why other cinema like Cathay Cineplex din bring in.. This is also the reason why most ppl prefer GSC with so many varieties of movies and no need to worry end out can’t choose any from the movie list.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Meyer:-)

A wonderful day for Meyer. 3rd Oct..Her big big day…

1st thing to surprise her in the morning was I had order a bouquet of roses from Ideal Florist in I-Avenue. Prepare this since Sun to prevent some disappointment for roses not available. Hey guys, fake roses are more expensive that the real one. Somemore it will be after 3 or 4 days. Darling, i know you love blue roses J Blue roses with colour spray will stand for 3 days only le..

After few days I receive a fwd mail from my colleague about a mail circulated around the company about a luckly girl who received 1001 roses from a secret admirer!
This is definitely worth a post here. 1-0-0-1 roses..But is this really true love? Or just to win the girl's heart? (Hehehe..Sorry le Meyer..What you get cannot be compare as below, dun angry ya :-P) But 1 thing can prove to you that your roses will be everlasting..Wonder what happen to the roses below after 10 days?


Night time will be a surprise for her as she still cant figure out where I bring her for dinner :-P Let talk about the place Audees now..

We were welcome by 2 waiter to our seat since I have made reservation earlier. 1st we feel not so comfortable as we are sitting neat to the counter but sooner will be use to it as the view near us still satisfy with Spanish base bear, TORRES deco in the centre. The set dinner came with a nice appetizer, soup and garlic bread. As for the main course, I have a steak while the lady had a chicken. Her one is nicer, with chicken meat rollup in pieces. Our dessert is ice-cream with fruits and since Mid-Autumn festival is around the corner, we have jelly mooncake on the house. The coffee is a bit bitter but that's the least of my complain. Add at least 3 tea spoon :-S

By the time we have finished our dinner, we got offer from the supervisor in Audees to take some snap shots for us. See… His technique of snapping was good as Sony camera need to hold it firmly for night shot.

We were bring to the upstairs which is a bar. It was nobody there now as the happy hour will start on Fri as many people will be hanging there to relax from their daily hectic working days.