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Sunday, March 09, 2008

My 1st time in Election

This is my 1st time voting for Malaysia as an Malaysian who live in Penang for the past 25yrs!
Woke up late in the morning since i know morning will be a very jammed and long time for the early birds to reach to their respective polling station.

The weather is very good, hot and shine sun in the morning. My polling station is very near to my house, SM Sungai Nibong. Taught of walking to the station but the weather start changing to black loud and rainy day seems to start as what predicted in the weather report. Without any delay, change my cloths and direct go to the polling station. You may easily get the direction to the polling school/station since some huts have been setting up to assists voters. When directed to SPR counter, the officer will help check your IC to issue you a polling counter (saliran). Mine is on counter #5.

The counter is at 2nd floor. Surprisingly, i no need to queue at the designated polling counter/station. Inside the classroom, I’d see a table with 3 SPR staffs, handling the voters; a table with 2 observers, checking on the voters ID; another table for the polling officer, right opposite the SPR staffs table; a table for the ballot boxes and 2 tables for voters to cast their votes. The SPR staffs will signalled you to come inside, one person will check your IC again and reads out your serial number, your IC number and your full name, loudly. Seriously, it’s kinda weird having a stranger calling out your full name and full IC number in front of a group another strangers. Another SPR staff will hand-out 2 ballot papers to you (one is for DUN candidate and the other one is for Parliament candidate).

Once i got the ballot paper, it seem weird that you will notice serial number on it. There are 2 voting booth for you to cast you votes for the state and parliamentary seats assembly man. What a surprise to know you actually cast your vote with a "pencil". Dam.. Once cast my votes, i quickly folded them into half and drop it to the transparent boxes according to the colour.

I'm done my duty. I think less than 10mins to complete all the process. How about you?

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