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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rakyat Rules, Rakyat Powers!

This will be unbelievable. Too good to be truth!
The top story in the newspaper today is "Political Tsunami".
DAP wins all contested in PG for state and parliamentary seats!
A stunning results that no one, rakyat, BN,not even those in the Opposition, had expected!
DAP score a clean sheet in Penang although many members are new faces in politician.

Penangite voted for changes
Penangite shows democratic
Penangite are people power (makkal sathi!)

Chinese had translated their political disenchantment into votes
Malay votes had swung into PKR (strongly believe affected by cost-of-living)

The people of penang had spoken! penangite’s power! we had voted BN out!
YES, penangite voted for change! and voted for change - yes! that’s the power of the people! we need a change! Our new CM will be DAP’s secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng.
This should open the eyes of BN - now they should know the people had been unhappy with them

The next will be on how opposition able to promote and make the reality for Penang as
"Malaysia for Malaysians"

Results from Bernama:

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