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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Childhood Greatest Love Song by 許茹芸

Still remember before Jolin Tsai, SHE was popular, the earlier popular single from Taiwan, Valen Hse. Not sure anyone know or remember her? She was popular in the 90's with her favourite Love songs. Some even gave her the nickname of "The Queen of Love Songs" with her sad ballads in Mandarin Chinese and some in Cantonese.
Today just coincidentally hear the song from FM and only until 2 minutes the song play, i only manage to identify is her, Valen Hsu!
Let's see..From the 1st album, 討好 release in Y1995 until today for the album 北緯六十六度, this single already recorded a record of 13 yrs in music career. From the latest album duel with
阿穆隆, her vocal was just exactly as 10 yrs before.

許茹芸 & 阿穆隆 - 男人女人 MTV

許茹芸 & 熊天平 - 你的眼睛

Below are her discography
June 1995 - Tau Hao (討好)
March 1996 – Lei Hai (Tear’s Sea) (淚海)
September 1996 – Ru Guo Yun Zhi Dao (If the Cloud Knows) (如果雲知道)
June 1997 – Ri Guang Ji Chang (日光機場)
September 1997 – Ru Ci Jing Cai "Best Of…" [茹此精彩十三首(新歌加精選 港版)] – Cantonese Version
November 1997 - Ru Ci Jing Cai "Best Of…" [茹此精彩十三首(新歌加精選 臺版)] – Mandarin Version
June 1998 – Wo Yi Ran Ai Ni (I Still Love You) (我依然愛你)
December 1998 – Ni Shi Zui Ai (你是最愛)
August 1999 – Zhen Ai Wu Di (真愛無敵)
September 1999 – Piano Diary (鋼琴記事簿)
November 1999 – I’m This Happy (我就是這麼快樂) - Cantonese Version
May 2000 – Nan De Hao Tian Qi (難得好天氣)
December 2000 – Hua Kai (花 咲)
June 2001 – Liu Jin Shi Zai "Best Of…" (流金十載-許茹芸全記錄)
June 2001 – Single Diary "Best Of…" (單身日記-1995-2001)
September 2001 – Zhi Shuo Gei Ni Ting (Just Want to Tell You) (只說給你聽)
November 2002 – Yun Kai Le (芸開了)
June 2003 – Valen Hsu’s Movie Ballads – Cloud Stay (許茹芸的愛情電影主題曲-雲且留住)
December 2003 – I Love the Night "Best Of…" (我愛夜)
February 2005 – Valen Hsu "Best Of Classics…" (許茹芸 / 國語真經典)
April 2007 – Pleasant to Hear (好听) - Single
December 2007 – 66 Pohjoista Leveyttä (北緯六十六度)

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Allen Fuller said...

Valen Hsu has a wonderful voice, and beautiful songs... she is a genius.