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Monday, October 09, 2006

WW40 Ending with ROB-B-HOOD

Movie of the year!!Full of laughter and action from the cute baby.

Rated: *****

The longest and hardest queue to get this watched in cinema for Rob-B-Hood (寶貝計劃).
The smartest and cutiest BB Matthew Medvedev. At 1st i taught is a chinese BB..
And the 1st time Jacky Chan act as a bad character in the movie.
Guest how difficult to get this ticket? At 1st we plan to watch it Weds night. Have ring up my bro to get 2 ticket for me especially couple seat if available..By the time he reach there is only 2pm with 9.30pm ticket to buy..Unfortunately, only left the 1st row..:-( No choice lo..Next night we went there 30min earlier just hope to get the reserve ticket haven't collected but in the end after long queue from 4 rows. SOLD OUT..Damn...No choice, have to purchase the ticket now to watch it Sat..Will not miss the chance this round to watch with twin seat.

"Rob-B-Hood" is about three professional thieves who take on their toughest assignment to date - to kidnap a HK$30 million baby for a group of gangsters who claim that the baby belongs to them. However, one thing leads to another and the trio find themselves facing a moral dilemma. The little hostage has managed to warm his kidnappers' hearts, forcing them to choose between the ransom and their conscience.

Best quote from the movie: 'I’m from brokeback mountain'- Daniel Wu(hahaha) Special Guest Apperance for Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu.. I wonder a so good seller movie why other cinema like Cathay Cineplex din bring in.. This is also the reason why most ppl prefer GSC with so many varieties of movies and no need to worry end out can’t choose any from the movie list.

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