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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

BJ Tutti Frutti

Rated: ****

Last Friday went to Tutti Frutti Cafe for lunch. At 1st wanna take Japanese food next door but just becoz we saw the privilege of using MBF credit card. :-)

Wait soooo long for our set lunch to arrive. Call the waitress twice to come over (becoz our mushroom soup ot yet arrive) compare to other table that already got their soup. She respond to us..coming coming..In her mind i think she taught we are chasing for the set to serve quickly -_-" At least have been waited 1hr for the food to arrive.

The honeydrew sherbet was quite nice..

Let me introduce the food we took..

i was ordering a drunken chicken rice in the beginning, but end up they come with the noddle.
They notice of their mistake but i dun request for chance anymore..donno need to wait how long again..For the lady, she order a Cafe De Tutti Spaghetti. It was very delicious with the cheese top up on top. You may request to have double cheese. But..of course u need to pay extra la..nothing is free in this world rit?It was out from the oven baked..Cheesy and creammy..Yummy ^^

Which 1 u prefer?Both also nice to be honest

At the end when I gotta make the payment with MBF Card..I realise the bil is without any discount..WTF@##$%$%&* Ask the cashier what that means on the big banner means by MBF Card member entire for 15% discount for dinning in Tutti Frutti? That fellow said only for A La Carte Menu..Dam...In my mind i tell myself i will turn up 2nd round with ONLY order A La Carte.

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